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  • Sprachunterstützung für Polnisch
  • Volle Unterstützung für Truecolor Bitmaps mit Alphakanal (32 Bit BMP)
  • Verwischungsgrad für Schatten erhöht
  • Das Programm wird in zwei Versionen veröffentlicht: Standard und Pro
  • Sprachunterstützung für Slowakisch
  • Sprachunterstützung für Schwedisch
  • Pro Version unterstützt Bildgrößen bis 256x256 Pixel
  • Standardgrößen um 24x24 Pixel erweitert
  • Vier neue Effekte: Intelligentes Verwischen (nur in der Pro Version), Kolorieren, Invertieren, Transparenz
  • Anlegen von Bildverzeichnissen nur in der Pro Version. Jetzt können auch Bildverzeichnisse im GIF und PNG Format angelegt werden
  • Neue Tastenkombinationen
  • Neuer Stil für die Benutzerführung Aqua gradient II
  • Einige Probleme mit großen ICL-Bibliotheken bereinigt
  • Einige kleinere Probleme behoben
  • italian language added
  • lithuanian language added
  • chinese traditional language added
  • replace tool can replace any colors to transparent
  • czech language added
  • bosnian language added
  • dutch language added
  • chinese language added
  • german language added
  • panel of properties for polyline and polygon added
  • to list of images context menu added
  • now You can create standard formats of icon by one click. Draw 48x48 32-bits image and create other from it (menu Object)
  • You can create new image based on selected (menu Object)
  • new item in Edit menu added: Paste as new image
  • new item in Image menu added: Crop
  • support of drag and drop added. You can drag file from explorer and drop to AWicons to open it
  • algorithm of automatic convertion from true-color to 256-colors image improved
  • now You can import icons from executables files throw standard open file dialog. Click Open object and select Executable resources type of files
  • new two items to menu View added
  • search feature to help added
  • main menu added
  • hungarian language added
  • spanish language updated (errors fixed)
  • name of editing file in title of window
  • all icons redrawed (Window XP style). Old icons you can download from AWicons homepage
  • three new colors scheme added
  • three minor bugs are fixed
  • spanish language added
  • one minor bug fixed
v8.5.0 v8.4.2
  • bug in saving 32-bits icons is fixed
  • bug in saving 32-bits icons in executable is fixed
  • bugs in Search object dialog are fixed
v8.4.0 v8.2.0
  • Open object dialog renamed to Search object and to open file used standard Windows dialog now
  • scanning in the Search object dialog working faster and more stable
  • new features in Import from image dialog (transparency support and correct resizing of image, Keep proportion option, filters improved)
  • when Search object and Import from image dialogs opened, scanning not start now
  • support of png and gif formats added (loading and saving)
  • images (png, gif, bmp, jpg) of size less than 64x64 openes for editing as simple as icons and cursors
  • when You save only selected image, You can set only format of file, colors depth selected automatically
  • for saving image in JPEG format, properties of JPEG dialog opened
  • some hotkeys are changed
  • new interfaces styles added
  • bug in vertical/horizontal flip effect is fixed
  • some bugs are fixed
  • support of 32-bit icons with 8-bit alpha channel (for Windows XP) added
  • three new effects added: shadow, bevel boss and colors decrease
  • panels and toolbars now linked to the main dialog and moved with him
  • You can remove all selected images now
  • transparency value set separately for brush color A and B
  • panel of properties for rectangle and filled rectangle added
  • panel of properties for gradient changed. For color You can set transparency value. Offset and angle You can set only in preview control
  • now transparent color is background's color of edit area
  • values of RGB components on the buttons of choosing colors showing in hex format now. Programmers, who know printf function can set own format. Go to the registry and change key HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Lokas Software/AWicons/RGB view format
  • algorithm of the custom rotate is improved
  • algorithms of filters in the import from image dialog are improved
  • modifier anti-aliasing improve resizing of the selected image
  • part of effects on the panel moved to popup menu Other
  • some hotkeys are changed
  • tricks are updated
  • one more tip is added
  • one critical bug in open dialog is fixed
  • some bugs are fixed
  • some critical bugs are fixed
v7.1.0 v7.0.0 v6.2.0
  • now You can save image in JPEG format with different quality (high quality, medium quality, low quality, grayscale)
  • item Rebuild icon cache to system menu added
  • the button of a choice of color (in the palette toolbar and the property's panel of gradient flood filling) has received useful property - opportunity of a choice colors from any point of the screen. For this purpose it is necessary to press the button and holding to choose anyone pixel
  • the opportunity of import from the pictures (bitmap) from executable files (exe, dll, ocx and etc.) added
  • now in dialog of import from the pictures it is possible to set masks of scanning files (by default *.bmp,*.gif,*.jpg, *.exe,*.dll,*.scr)
  • transparent color again can be chosen by color picker
  • if at drawing of ellipse and filled ellipse to press and hold Ctrl, the circle will be drawn. And pressing and holding Shift, it is possible to specify the center of ellipse
  • some bugs are fixed
v6.0.0 v5.0.0
  • the panel of properties for the pen added
  • changes in adding of new images
  • in the system menu three new items added (colors schemes)
  • tools icons edited
  • in installer some bugs are fixed
  • some bugs are fixed
  • one more tip is added
v4.7.0 v4.0.0
  • support of monochrome and 256-color objects added
  • support animated cursors (ani) added
  • support of icons of containing a some image formats added
  • for the programmers: possibility of editing of a image list
  • area of fast choice of brush color
  • history of the used colors
  • possibility of import from the pictures (bmp, gif, jpg)
  • operations with the clipboard
  • the direct reading of icons and cursors from executable files (exe, dll, ocx etc.), that allows to extract all image formats and cursors
  • history of opening/saved files and folders
  • gradient flood filling in tools a rectangle, ellipse and flood filling
  • anti-aliasing for a line and inserted object
  • converting of 256-color and true-color objects in 16-color using dithering
  • set of effects (reflection, blur, processing of color etc.)
  • the number of undo levels up to 50
  • some bugs are fixed
  • possibility of import of small icons from executable files
  • some bugs are fixed
v2.3.0 v2.0.0 v1.0.0
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