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    Shadow Effect

    This effect allows you to create a shadow of your image or inserted object. You can set the following parameters of the shadow:
    • Blur - level of bluring of the shadow
    • X offset - horizontal offset of the shadow relative to the image
    • Y offset - vertical offset of the shadow relative to the image
    • Link - if this button is pressed, thehorizontal and vertical offsets are linked
    • Transparency - transparency value of the shadow
    • Color - color of the shadow
    • Inner - if this flag is checked, the shadow drops into the image
    • Reset - reset parameters to default values (standard shadow of Windows XP icons).
    The effect can be applied both to the entire image and to any part.

    The effect is applied to the image as you move the scroll bars or change the color and you can see the effect in the edit area and panel of properties of the object. Press Apply button to make your changes permanent.

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