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Type Of The Object

The program supports the following object types:
  • icon (ico)
  • cursor (cur)
  • animated cursor (ani)
You can set additional information about the author, copyright, etc. for the animated cursor. Select the Animated cursor properties item in the "Object" menu and edit information as required.

Change Preview Background Color

The current image is selected with a background color, which is displayed in the panel of object properties. This color can be changed by double-clicking on the image.

Add/Remove Images

Use the Add image button to add a new image. The Add image button is the Gray plus (+) key at the top right of the edit area.

The default size for the icon and cursor images is 48x48 with current color format, and for an animated cursor a duplicate of the current image is added.

To add a 256-color or true-color image in 16x16 size, the program will load a 32x32 image and then reduce it using a filter.

Use the Delete image button to remove one or more selected images.

Move Images

Click the Move frame up and move frame down buttons to move an image up or down in the file. You can also use the keys on the keyboard: Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down.

Set A Cursor Hot Spot

It is necessary to set a cursor's hotspot (the part of the cursor that will be active). Select the tool Select hotspot point (Object menu) then click on the necessary point in the edit area to set the cursor's hot spot. The last tool that you were using will then be selected for editing again automatically.

Properties Of Animated Cursor Frame

Jifs Animated cursor preview Global speed It is necessary to insert pauses between all frames if an animated cursor is the edited object. It can be made with help of a slider Jifs or input line. It is possible to proportionally change all pauses with help of the slider Global speed.

Click on the control Animated cursor preview to see a preview of your animated cursor.
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