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Selecting Of Brush Color

Brush colors A and B can be selected using any of these three ways:
  • click the First brush color and Second brush color buttons and select the color using the standard Windows color picker dialog

  • select the color picker tool and click (using either the left or right mouse button for brush color A or B) on the pixel of the color you have chosen in the edit area

  • using the palette bar

Selecting One Of 16 Standard Colors

Using this control you can quickly select one of 16 standard colors.

You can create 16-color icons using any (not only standard) colors, but you must remember to reduce the palette to 16 colors. Following the menu path "Image - Color format" click on 16 system colors (dithered)....

History Of Brush Color

The last 16 colors that you used are displayed on the color history bar. When you choose a new color for your project, it is added in the right-bottom corner, all colors are shifted to the left, and the left upper color is deleted. The standard 16 colors don't display on the history bar. To choose a color simply click on it.
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