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    3D Shadow Effect *

    * only in Standard & Pro version

    This effect lets you create three-dimensional shadows of your image or a portion of it.

    Dialog lets you set the following parameters:
    • Blur - level of bluring of the shadow

    • Transparency - transparency value of the shadow

    • Angle X - angle of rotation around X axe

    • Angle Y - angle of rotation around Y axe

    • Angle Z - angle of rotation around Z axe

    • Zoom - value of zooming shadow

    • Offset X - horizontal offset of the shadow relative to the image

    • Offset Y - vertical offset of the shadow relative to the image

    • Perspective - value of 3d perspective

    • Shadow Position - position of shadow in three-dimensional area

    • Outside Only - if this flag is checked, the shadow drops over the image

    • Color - color of the shadow

    You can see its effect in the edit area and panel of properties of the object. Press Apply button to employ the effect.

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