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Property Of The Object

This area contains the following controls:
  • the selection box for the current type of object
  • the control bar for image formats or frames of animated cursors (adding, deleting, moving)
  • the slider that sets alpha-value for transparency in non 32-bit images. If alpha-value of a pixel is less than this value, then the pixel is considered transparent. If the alpha-value of the pixel is equal to or greater than this value, then the pixel is considered opaque
  • the button for selecting the matte color
  • all images which are contained in the edited object
  • for the animated cursor: the controls for the time intervals set in an animation
Click on the image to select it for editing. Use the left mouse button, plus either the Ctrl or Shift key to select several images (to apply effects to them as a group).

All images have a context menu that allows you to:
  • create all standard formats from the selected image with one click
  • create an image of standard size and color format based on selection
  • remove the selected image(s)
  • save the selected image in one of the supported formats
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