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Copy to clipboard

You can use the Copy to Clipboard tool to copy an entire image, or any part of it, to the clipboard using the Select rectangle area tool. You can then paste the image into any editing program to get the rasterized image.

Paste from clipboard

If you paste an image from the clipboard and it is smaller than 256x256, the image is inserted into the current image. You can now move it, resize it, change it's transparency level, and apply effects to it.

To paste an image from clipboard as new image, click menu item Paste as new image from the Edit menu.

If the image is bigger than 256x256, when you insert it, the Importing from picture dialog will appear with the picture from the clipboard. This will not effect the file on the clipboard.

This function allows to take the image from the screen. Simply press the PrintScreen key on the keyboard and click Paste or press Ctrl+V.
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