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Create New Library

When a new icon library is created, the icon currently being edited is automatically added to it. It is only possible to save icon libraries in the ICL format.

Open Library

When editing, it is possible to open an executable file (exe, dll, ocx, scr etc.), and library of ICL format. To open previously edited icons libraries, you can use the history feature of the open button.

When editing an executable file you can not add/delete the icons, change the sizes, color depth, or quantity of formats of the icon. You can only change the images that already exist in the file. If you attempt to open an icon from another file, the program searches it for formats with the identical sizes and quantity of colors and opens only them.

When editing an ICL library, all these restrictions are removed.

Save Library

To apply the changes to an edited icon, it is necessary to save the library. If you want to convert an executable resource to an ICL library or save the ICL library to another file, click Save as ICL library from the "File" menu.

Save As ICL Library

This allows you to convert an executable resource to an ICL library. Click and enter a filename for the library.

Add/Remove Icons

You can only add or remove icons in an ICL library. In addition, a default icon is created, consisting of one image: 48x48, true-color with alpha. To remove an icon from the library, select it in the icon library preview window, then press the Delete button on the icon toolbar.
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