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Gradient Modifier

This modifier lets you fill shapes with gradients. The gradient modifier operates on the following tools: The properties panel of a gradient has the following controls:
  • Use - if this flag is checked, instead of a brush the gradient flood filling is used

  • Gradient type - type of gradient flood filling:

    • Linear
    • Cycle
    • Radial;
    • Triangle
    • Square
    • Pentagon
    • 3-star
    • 4-star
    • 5-star
    • 3-flower
    • 4-flower
    • 5-flower

  • Action area - method of maps of the gradient anchor points:

    • Area fill - maps the gradient anchor points to the leftmost, topmost, rightmost and bottommost pixels in the current paint operation
    • Image fill - maps the gradient anchor points over the entire image. The color that any pixel is painted will be relative to the full graphic

  • I - invert order of colors in gradient;

  • Gradient line - lets you define a multi-color gradient. Double-click on an empty area to insert a new color. Click and drag to move a defined color. Double-click on a defined color to change it. Click with the right mouse button on the defined color to remove that color

  • Color - lets you define or select a color

  • Transparency value - lets you define the transparency value of a selected color

  • Preview - preview of the template for flood filling. Also lets you set the offset for a cycle gradient and the angle for a linear gradient. You can use Shift and Ctrl to set 90 or 45 angles
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