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Tips And Tricks

  • use fonts, such as Symbol and Windings, and text to quickly draw different images (people, machines, houses, symbols etc.)

  • when using the color picker, you can select a color from any point on the screen (i.e. from another program). To do this it is necessary to press and hold the mouse button to choose any pixel

  • select white or black brush color, set necessary transparency level and use drawing tools (ellipse, line, text and etc.) to increase or to reduce the brightness of part of an image

  • double-click Select rectangle area to select the image, if the image is not selected

  • double-click Select rectangle area to remove the selection, if part of the image is selected

  • double-click Clear to clear the image by brush color A

  • use history of colors to select a color that you have already used

  • use the photo tool to fast copy the image from the screen in a scale of 1:1. The additional possibilities: press the PrintScreen key and then the Paste button

  • it is possible to copy the selected object having moved it while holding the Ctrl key.

  • it is possible to shift the image after having selected it by double-clicking on Select rectangle area and moved it to the desired spot
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