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Adobe Photoshop Plug-In *

* only in Pro version

This plug-in lets you export an image, with transparency, from Adobe Photoshop directly into AWicons Pro without having to create a temporary file.

You must install the plug-in before first use. Go to the File menu and select Install Adobe Photoshop plug-in. Detected applications compatible with Adobe Photoshop are shown in the list in the Install dialogue. You can select suggested plug-ins folders or use the Browse button to locate another program.

After installation, start Adobe Photshop, open your PSD file, select the layer (RGB format only), go to the menu Filters -> Lokas Software and select 'Export to AWicons' Pro'.

If you want to export the layer with all styles create a new layer by clicking the Create a New Layer-button at the bottom the Layers palette. Stay in the Layers palette, drag the new layer underneath the type layer and activate the type layer by clicking on it. Go to menu Layer -> Merge Down (Ctrl+E).

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