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1. Icons (general information)

An icon is a specialized, graphical, miniature image for computers. It is usually a standardized size and is used to represent different objects. An icon may represent a single file or file type, different commands... Read »

2. Begin working

To create a new project, simply launch AWicons – a new icon project will be created automatically. The Program is now ready to work with... Read »

3. Drawing and adding effects to an icon using the built-in tools

Let's start drawing an icon now, and we'll begin with scratches. In this step we'll draw a standard help icon (a blue filled circle with deep blue stroking and a question mark in the centre)... Read »

4. Managing the image formats

To assure compatibility with all screen configurations (resolutions and color modes) your icon must contain images in several formats. In this step we'll learn how to add a new image to your icon... Read »

5. Creating a new icon using existing icons

Now, let's create an icon using included icons and images. We've included a XP Artistic Icons collection for this purpose... Read »

6. Creating a new icon using existing images (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP)

AWicons lets you use images in different formats as a source for icons. In this step we'll create an icon using the transparent PNG image as a source... Read »

7. Adjusting the icon image

In this step, we'll adjust the existing icon image. AWicons provides you with various professional and customizable tools for icon image adjustment... Read »

8. Using gradients and transparency in icons

To get professional quality icons you must use gradient fills and transparency. AWicons lets you use these tools effectively to obtain a professionally designed icon... Read »

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