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Would you like your software or Web project to look professional? Adding good looks to a product is not easy. In-house or custom ordering, graphics are always difficult to spec, and it may take a long while to finally get the images you were waiting for.

Fortunately, your options are no longer limited to home-made or outsourced images. Today, you can get stock graphics that are readily available and can be used instantly after the purchase. Your choices are virtually limitless; you can decide between hundreds of individual images and matching sets of icons, pictures, photographic images, cartoons, raster and vector files. Needless to say, all of these vary greatly in the quality of individual images as well as the assemblies of those same images.

If your requirements turn around XP-style, here's one of the better sets on the market. XP Artistic Icons are carefully designed in strict accordance with Windows XP styling guidelines, and assembled into a set of 501 images with matching style, colors and gamma. With XP Artistic Icons, you can create professional-looking software and Web sites in no time!

Technically, the images from XP Artistic Icons are available in a number of sizes, file formats and color resolutions. Raster images are available in sizes of 16x16 to 128x128 pixels, and come in 256 colors and XP/Vista True Color with alpha-channel. Four states are available and supplied with your order: Normal, Hot, Disabled, and Grey. All icons come in ICO, GIF, and PNG formats for immediate use in your target application.

In the case of XP Artistic Icons, you get more than just graphics! Your order of raster images gets you a supplementary business license for AWicons Pro, a dedicated icon editor to help you make small changes to your images such as flipping or rotating pictures, changing colors or adding/erasing certain pixels.

If you require larger, smaller or non-standard size images, vector sources are also available in AI format. AI vector images can be used to create graphics of any size, resolution or color depth. You get the benefit of smooth, crisp edges and overall clean, professional looks even in the largest images suitable for printing poster-size. If you order the vector sources, you'll get a supplementary license for Cover Commander, a virtual cover creator to create 3D box shots, CD or DVD covers.

All 501 XP Artistic Icons can be previewed online - you'll know exactly what you get! Visit "https://www.awicons.com/stock-icons/xp-artistic/" to preview the collection and place your order.


Another collection of XP-style icons? With XP Artistic Icons, you get more than just icons! Supplementary licenses to icon editor and cover creator software are included with XP Artistic Icons.

Mar 15, 2009.

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